A Promise to Others

I said something last week to the tone of, “besides the promise of land which we typically associate with Abram.” However, God never promised to give Abram land. “What?” you ask? Read Genesis 12:1-9 again, at any point in time does God promise to give to Abram the land? God says to get out, go where I show you, I will make you a nation, make your name great, and bless you. That’s the first three verses. Then all the way down in verse 7, “To your offspring I will give this land.” Not to Abram, not even necessarily his children, but to his offspring…

A gift for others

God’s promise of land was not something that Abram received himself, he received the promise for someone else, his offspring. Hebrews 11, the Faith Chapter, tells us that Abram, Isaac, and Jacob were all nomads, still waiting to receive the land when they passed away. The only land that Abram owned was the cave where he buried Sarah, and was eventually the family tomb. The command to leave in Genesis 12:1-3 makes no mention of receiving land, only that God will show Abram where to go. It was only in response to the command that Abram actually received a promise for land and even then it was for someone else to receive it. (Although, someone important!)

Could you do it?

How much are you willing to give up for the benefit of someone else? We are seeing in the story of Abram so far that he was willing to give up everything because God, whom he did not know, called him. It reminds me of the stories of those hardworking families that work multiple jobs and long hours, simply so their children can attend college. Often times these children are first generation college graduates, so the stories go. I am mindful of all those who immigrate for the purposes of bettering their circumstances, and perhaps more bettering the circumstances of their children. How much are you willing to sacrifice, like Abram cutting all ties, so that God can bless someone through you?

A question to ponder…

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