Don’t Stop

Admit it, you read that as if it was the lyrics to a Journey song

False start?

Do you know the story of Abram’s (later Abraham) father, Terah? Take a look in Genesis 11:27-32. Did you catch the part about Canaan? Abram’s family was heading in that direction. Before God called Abram in Genesis 12, something pulled Terah to Canaan. Scripture does not tell us that God called Terah. Scripture does not tell us that God inspired, wooed, or otherwise encouraged Terah to move toward Canaan. However, I am so fascinated by this short little passage. Terah got Abram more than half way there.

Half Way…

That’s what I said, Terah took his family about 750 miles from Ur of the Chaldees (modern-day southern Iraq to modern-day south-central Turkey) and Abram continued the journey another 450 miles (toward Jerusalem). Now there are probably a lot of reasons why Terah stopped more than half way to Canaan. While the English spellings and pronunciations confuse us a bit, Haran his son was not named for nor the namesake of Haran the city Terah settled in–they are completely different words in the Hebrew text. So it doesn’t really have anything to do between those two things. We don’t really know why Terah stopped in his journey to Canaan, he just did.

A Good Start

I want you to look at your life for a moment and consider what God may have called you to do. Now, that call is specific for you, however are there those who came before you that you could be thankful for getting you closer to the goal? For whatever reason, Terah moved the family from Ur to Haran. Abram only had to go from Haran to Canaan. He did not have to take the entire trip from Ur to Canaan. Maybe your education was in large part due to sacrifices made by your parents and grandparents. Perhaps, your connection and roots in this community go back many generations. Or, your hobbies and interests that provide you with opportunities to share God’s love are the result of someone exposing you to working with your hands, music, or acts of service.

Often, Terah gets skipped over as we jump into the story of Abram. Terah’s life shows us something special about moving into uncharted territory. What came behind us is not to be forgotten, because it actually prepared the way for us to launch out into God’s plan.

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