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What Our Members Say


As Friends – Genesis 21:22-34
September 20, 2018
  Have you ever had a disagreement with someone? How did you resolve it? Abraham and Abimelech meet again, both as friends and with problems. Their road together seems rocky, yet...
Now Who Is Laughing – Genesis 21:9-21
September 14, 2018
So the story continues... When we last left off with Abraham's crew, he was praying for people like Lot in the valley. And we had talked about Genesis 21:1-8 when the angels had predicted Sa...
Lot’s Downfall, Part 3 Genesis 19:30-38
September 7, 2018
You thought cable TV had some unsavory and mind-blowing story lines. Lot's story ends in the worst way possible and all we can do is cringe as we read each verse. Again, it did not have ...