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Ab-Rambo – Genesis 14
June 16, 2018
Do you remember the movie where the Rambo is recruited to go on a mission to rescue a bunch of POWs? Did you know that Abram did the same thing, when he was 80+ years old? This week's Pa...
Parting Ways – Genesis 13
June 1, 2018
Abram and Lot are beginning to be competitive, so Abram gives Lot the choice of which direction he will go and Abram will go the other. Is this a "nasty divorce" or an "amicable split"? ...
Trust Issues
May 17, 2018
Abram has trust issues. Genesis 12:10-13:1 and all of Genesis 20 share stories that are very similar. In both Abram disguises his relationship with Sarai to protect himself. He says she ...